DMC stranded cotton - Range
DMC stranded cotton - Range
DMC stranded cotton - Range
DMC stranded cotton - Range
DMC stranded cotton - Range
DMC stranded cotton - Range
DMC stranded cotton - Range
DMC stranded cotton - Range
DMC stranded cotton - Range
DMC stranded cotton - Range
DMC stranded cotton - Range
DMC stranded cotton - Range
DMC stranded cotton - Range
DMC stranded cotton - Range
DMC stranded cotton - Range
DMC stranded cotton - Range
DMC stranded cotton - Range
DMC stranded cotton - Range
DMC stranded cotton - Range
DMC stranded cotton - Range
DMC stranded cotton - Range

DMC stranded cotton - Range #3000 - 3099

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DMC Stranded Cotton is the world's favourite embroidery thread. They use the finest long staple cotton and mercerise it twice to give your embroidery exceptional sheen. Stranded cotton contains 6 easily divisible strands allow you to vary the weight of your stitches to add depth to your project.

Colours are washable and fade resistant. Please take into account the fabric onto which you have embroidered. DMC recommends washing with a mild soap. After washing, wrap your embroidery in a towel to remove excess water, then dry flat. Place your embroidery on a clean cloth, preferably while still damp, and iron on the reverse side, at the temperature setting recommended for the fabric.

DMC's highly resistant, colourfast dyes mean your embroidery won't fade as a result of washing or exposure to light.

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When will my order arrive?

We always endeavour to get orders out as soon as possible. Please allow 1-3 business days to process your order. This excludes weekends and public holidays (we are located in Victoria, Australia and observe all Victorian public holidays).

All orders are sent with Australia Post tracking. You will receive your tracking number via email once your order information has been received by Australia Post.

Shipping times vary based on Australia Post timelines. You can check out current Australia Post shipping times here.

You can view our manufacturers care instructions here.

When cross stitching, we always like to keep in mind that prevention is better than a solution. This means it is always easier to prevent your work from being soiled, than it is to find a way to clean it.

Some handy tips we like to use:

  • Always wash your hands before stitching.
  • Use a grime guard (a fabric covering around the edges of your fabric) when stitching. Even with clean hands, it's amazing how much natural oil can be transferred while holding your project. It's best to have as little contact with the fabric as possible to ensure it remains clean.
  • Cover your project when not being used, or store in a clean, closable craft bag to ensure it is free from dust and other contaminants.
  • If using a hoop to stitch, always remove it if taking an extended break (more than 24 hours) from stitching.
  • Have a clean work area to avoid any accidental marks ending up on your fabric (parents of small children: feel free to ignore this advice!)
  • Avoid eating and drinking while stitching. However, some of our customers have come up with unique ways of getting around this. Using tongs or chopsticks to eat your doritos sounds pretty good to us!



Dyed effects fabrics are printed with a pattern that is designed to look like it was dyed by hand. Designer fabrics are also printed, and allow us to print fun patterns and colour combinations. The fabric is printed on one side, and the back of the fabric is white.



Yes! If you see something on the website you like but is unavailable, we are happy to order it in for you.

We can preorder quantities of 50x90cm or 90x100cm and payment must be made upfront.

It can take up to 8 weeks for your order to arrive, as the fabric is printed and shipped from the UK. To organise your request, please get in touch.

Please note we can only supply fabrics shown on our website, and cannot print custom colours or pictures.


Unfortunately not. Most of our fabric is printed on demand so we do not have any spare fabric to cut.


No unfortunately, we do not operate a retail space.


We don't, but check out our sister site Spruce Craft Co. where there are hundreds of unique and modern PDF download patterns to choose from.


'Count' basically means 'holes per inch'. 14 count aida will have 14 holes per inch and allow for 14 cross stitches across. 18 count aida will have 18 holes per inch, therefore the size of the stitches and the entire design will be smaller than a 14 piece design.


Aida is the easiest fabric to use due to the clear, visible holes to stitch through and the stiffness of the fabric. When you stitch, you simply stitch 'by square'. Eg. 3 squares equals 3 stitches. The most popular choice of aida fabric is 14 count.

Evenweave is a more challenging fabric as it is softer and has a finer weave, with less visible holes. The finish of evenweave tends to be very smooth (as though you have stitched on regular fabric). When you stitch with evenweave, you stitch over two threads, missing every second hole. This means that when you stitch on 28 count fabric, the design will be the same size as if you stitched on 14 count aida. Evenweave is great for fractional stitches and allow for a lot of detail in your work.

Size comparisons:

• 11 count aida = 22 count evenweave

• 14 count aida = 28 count evenweave (most popular)

• 16 count aida = 32 count evenweave

• 18 count aida = 36 count evenweave


All our fabrics are cut by hand, so please allow for a size difference of 1-2cm on all fabric pieces. There may be a slight colour difference from the fabric shown on your screen. This is due to individual monitor settings and slight differences in dye lots. We always attempt to portray the closest possible colours.

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Please contact us to find out if this fabric is available for preorder. Be sure to include the requested fabric name and size in your enquiry.

Please note: preorders can take up between 6-12 weeks to arrive due to our delivery timeframes.

Fabric can be ordered in sizes 50x90cm or 90x100cm. Not all fabrics are available for preorder

Payment must be made via invoice before fabric is ordered.

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