You can view our manufacturers care instructions here.

When cross stitching, we always like to keep in mind that prevention is better than a solution. This means it is always easier to prevent your work from being soiled, than it is to find a way to clean it.

Some handy tips we like to use:

  • Always wash your hands before stitching.
  • Use a grime guard (a fabric covering around the edges of your fabric) when stitching. Even with clean hands, it's amazing how much natural oil can be transferred while holding your project. It's best to have as little contact with the fabric as possible to ensure it remains clean.
  • Cover your project when not being used, or store in a clean, closable craft bag to ensure it is free from dust and other contaminants.
  • If using a hoop to stitch, always remove it if taking an extended break (more than 24 hours) from stitching.
  • Have a clean work area to avoid any accidental marks ending up on your fabric (parents of small children: feel free to ignore this advice!)
  • Avoid eating and drinking while stitching. However, some of our customers have come up with unique ways of getting around this. Using tongs or chopsticks to eat your doritos sounds pretty good to us!