All our fabrics are premium products manufactured in Austria and Germany. We do not sell Chinese or Eastern European made fabrics.. We recommend hand washing only with cold or tepid water without use of any alkaline detergents on all of our fabrics.  (All listed sizes are approximate within 1-2 cm, please allow for this when ordering and always allow approximately 3″ (75mm) per side for framing)

About our Cotton and Linen Evenweaves.

Cotton Evenweaves are made from 100% cotton fibres and as such each strand is relatively smooth. Cotton Evenweaves are the most popular modern day fabrics used for the finer hand counted needlecrafts.

Linen Evenweaves are manufactured from the fibres of the flax plant and although counted linen is evenly woven they usually have defined “slubs” within each strand which produces a more textured look. Prior to the manufacture of Cotton Evenweaves, Linen Evenweaves were used throughout many centuries for traditional needlecrafts.

Solid Coloured Fabrics – are woven, and mercerized to the highest standards (they are traditionally dyed and fully colourfast unless stated otherwise in their description as machine dyed).

Hand Dyed Fabrics – are woven and mercerized and then professionally dyed by hand here in Australia and are fully colourfast (there may be slight colour variations to the pictures shown, however every effort is made to ensure similarity). We have provided a unique “edge view” photograph on most hand dyed fabrics to give you the best graphics possible.

Designer Printed Fabrics – are woven and mercerized then machined dyed using computerised printing technology.

Opalescent Fabrics – *currently unavailable. We will be introducing a range of Silver Sparkle fabrics soon!

Opalescent fabrics have been given a specialised opal glitter finish that makes the fabric sparkle under lights. Unless specifically stated otherwise all our fabrics are mercerized and washable including our Opalescent fabrics. A very minor loss of the opalescent may occur during washing however the fabric should appear the same (we recommend cold or tepid washing only with no detergents for Opalescent, Printed, and Fluorescent fabrics).

We have been in this industry for many years and are very proud of our extensive range which we believe to be one of the best in the world. We offer you the choice of pure cotton, cotton linen mixes and pure linen throughout much of our range.

Please remember we are always here to help. If you are not completely satisfied with your fabric purchase for whatever reason please return it for a *refund or replacement (*see terms and conditions.)

If you have any questions regarding our fabrics please feel free to contact us prior to purchase.