Grip n Stitch Embroidery Frame


Please see additional photographs and full description below..


The most unique and versatile needlework frame.  Made from light plastic it is comfortable to work with, easy to assemble, re-usable and adjustable in size to nearest 2.5cm (1”).  There is no slacking of the fabric and no ring marks.

Depending on the fabric or size of project to be stitched, there is the choice of ‘gripping’ the fabric onto the frame or ‘clipping’ it.  If gripped, the frame is made to your project’s size, and teeth are used to grip the fabric taut in place until completion.

As a re-positionable frame for larger projects or quilting, the teeth are covered with soft self adhesive binding (supplied) and the handles are clipped on to keep the fabric in place.

One kit will make a complete frame from 40cms to 96cms (16” to 38”), measuring the perimeter externally.  The pack contains 8 corner pieces 5cms x 5cms (2″ x 2″) to make any 2 smaller frames + 22 x 2.5cms (1″) pieces, handles + self-adhesive padded tape sufficient for 2 frames.

Larger sizes can be made with additional kits.