Magic Guide Evenweave – White (DMC Blanc)


Perfect for ‘Heaven & Earth Designs’. No need to grid your fabric and follow your chart easily!!

DMC Cotton Evenweave with pink grid lines at every 20 points (10 stitches when stitched over 2). The lines simply wash away when you’ve finished your project. (See below for full description)..



Perfect for ‘Heaven & Earth Designs’. Ideal for stitching without the need to grid your fabric!!

[DMC Magic Guide Evenweave is an innovative fabric that takes the guesswork out of stitching. Magic Guide Evenweave has a pink grid with perfectly parallel lines, each grid square counts out 20 points (10 points when stitched over 2). The pink grid will wash easily away when you are finished your stitching. For fully stitched projects washing may not even be required.

Magic Guide Evenweave is perfect for beginners to use as a guide, or for an expert wanting to save time. Magic Guide Evenweave is also great for large stitchery projects]