DMC Perle Cotton #5 Variations


DMC Perle Cotton #5 Variations. Ideal for Hardanger and associated Stitching and Needlework crafts…

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DMC Perle Cotton #5 Variations (25 Metre Skeins) (also referred to as pearl cotton) No. 5 DMC perle cotton skeins in multi coloured variations of colour. Perle cotton is ideal for Hardanger and associated Stitching and Needlework crafts. Quality cotton threads manufactured in France…

[DMC Perle Cotton Variations is a highly mercerized, non-divisible 100% cotton thread on a twisted skein. During the manufacturing process, the thread is combed, singed by flame and then double mercerized. It is this double mercerizing which gives it its beautiful pearlised sheen and supple feel. The thread is soft, silky, does not fluff or kink, and 100% colorfast. DMC Perle Variations is a multi-colored thread with the look of over-dyed in a size 5 thread. The thread offers guaranteed DMC color consistency from one skein to another. These “overdyed” threads are beautifully designed to create subtle variations in color without having to change threads. Each skein has a blend of soft multi-colors that flow seamlessly into one another along the length of the thread. Each skein is a combination of DMC colors, with 4 inches of every color corresponding to the solid Pearl Cotton colors. The subtle color changes of Pearl Variations reveal themselves every few stitches with no harsh contrasts. With colors ranging from “Glistening Pearl” to “Tropical Sunset” and “Wild Fire” DMC Perle Cotton Variations offers a breathtaking pallet of 60 beautiful multi-colors that is ideal for creating designs that bring color to life. Pearl Cotton Variations features 25 metres per twisted skein. Made in France.]