Krystal Damask Tablecloth (White)

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Damask Tablecloth for cross stitch-  White Damask “Krystal”. We believe the world’s best quality tablecloth fabric. 11 Count Aida stitching panels within repeated 43cm blocks of patterned damask. (Stitching panels are 19cm (7.5″) squares, 80W x 80H stitches).

Fabric Width is 1.75 metres (4 stitching blocks per width) making it ideal for even the largest tables. Manufactured in Austria, mercerised and fully machine washable to 60 Deg C.

Sold by the *Metre (*Due to product pattern1 metre=130cm (Each *Metre is 4 blocks (wide) x 3 blocks per *Metre = 12 stitching blocks per *Metre). 

*Adjust quantity in shopping cart for continuous lengths by the *Metre. [eg: If you order 2 metres you actually receive 2.6 metres]